As you’ve hopefully discovered, this is a blog, made for investment of a metaphorical nature. The salt is also metaphorical, albeit less.

Now that I have a published project (with another on the way), this blog is shifting gears. That said, you can still expect content like the following…

  • Unedited material that I am working on
  • Reviews of books, movies, or games
  • Probably still more discussion of From Software properties…I like what I like, okay?
  • For better/worse, self-promotion, sorry

If you’ve been following me for awhile, thank you, and I hope you still enjoy what you read here. If you’re new, welcome, pull up a chair, stay awhile, so to speak.


Some of the projects I work on incorporate art. Here are a few of the artists I am currently working with:

Rae Johnson (website)

Hector Rasgado (website)

Contact or Support

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