As you’ve hopefully discovered, this is a blog, made for investment of a metaphorical nature. The salt is also metaphorical, albeit less.

I intend to use this space to write about art. Some of that will be fiction, as a number of my projects continue to be in that space. Some will be more critical, but I will try to keep the subject matter confined to creative spaces. God knows I have as much to say about politics as anyone, but I’m much less interested in having the type of folks that seek out those discussions coming here. That said, even as I’m writing this, I have posts in progress in three separate categories. I will do my best to index them, but keep in mind that the initial feed here will likely be a bit jumbled. Also, see the topic page(s) for background info on the projects themselves–unfortunately, I rarely write anything truly self-contained.


Some of the projects I work on incorporate art. Here are a few of the artists I am currently working with:

Rae Johnson (website)

Hector Rasgado (website)

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