Ongoing Series

Dark Noon

A series of nonfiction essays investigating the Dark Souls series using Nietzsche’s philosophical framework.

Part 1: On Reality

Part 2: To Build a Pantheon

Part 3: The Conceptual Economy

Part 4: The Dark Noon

Part 5: Even Less Than Nothing

Part ???: Lords of Cinder

The Sevenfold Gyre

A short story/novella in the world of War Torn/Rale, split between a story of revolution during the gruesome War of the Roaches and a series of experiences leading up to it–some centuries old–that appear ominously linked. As the title might suggest, there will be seven parts.

Part 1-Amir

Part 2-Patches

Part 3-Fox

Part 4-Catherine

Interlude 4 (Pre-Part 5)