Pieces of Periods

I’ve mentioned this before, but I continue to get questions on it. So far, all of the fiction I have posted to this blog has been in the world of War Torn/Rale. This, for some, has been pretty confusing. The events of those stories span thousands of years of fictional time, and I’ve been telling them in an order that does not remotely resemble a chronology.

Enamored as I am with the Dark Souls style of relating fantasy via primary sources, I will only do so much to help you all with this, but while it will be an exercise for the reader to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, I will give you frame to work with.

In the beginning were the Old Times. In the end were the End Times. The intervening periods had more descriptive names. The chronology is this:

  • The Rise of the Great Cities
  • The Era of Spar
  • The Reign of the Blood God and Free Magic
  • The Dereliction of the Blood God
  • The Era of Heroes and Horrors
  • The War of the Roaches
  • The Era of Scavengers and False Gods
  • The Desiccation and Era of Grit
  • The Mud Wars, culminating in…
    • The War of Fallen Trees
    • The War of the Freaks
    • The Destruction of Haven

This is not really the way the world died–that is something more nuanced–but the terminology will hopefully give you some anchor for the events of the various stories.

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