Promises for a Worse Tomorrow

If you’ve been paying attention to the archive lately, you will notice that I’ve hidden a few posts. This is because the post-editing versions of those posts are now published, to various air horns, bursts of confetti, and other inexpensive trappings of celebration.

You can find the e-book here:

(There is a paperback version in the works as well, though it won’t be up for at least another week)

It is free on Kindle Unlimited and includes some stories you’ve seen here before and a few you haven’t. All told, I’m fairly proud of them, and I would be overjoyed if any of you took a look!

Looking ahead, I’ve been contemplating the future of the Crossroads series, and while it will certainly continue, my thoughts have been on publication and the structure thereof. The piece was originally intended to be a ~100 page novella, but at this point, including the portions of it I have yet to post, we are closing in on 200 pages, to say nothing of additional material that would be required in a published form to provide context. And even then, we’re only 30-40% through the story!

The direction I decided on was to break it into the oft-stereotyped trilogy, to which end, I will be posting the last few chapters of Book 1 in the coming weeks. As with the stories in Promises, the chapters will remain up while editing happens, which could be anywhere from 3 to 36 months, and I will be hiding them when it comes time to publish the book. For those of you following, I want you to know that I appreciate you, and I’m happy you’re continuing, in whatever capacity, to join me on this journey.

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