Just some general updates:

  • The Archives and Ongoing Series pages have been cleaned up substantially.
  • The next chapter of the Sevenfold Gyre is in progress. I will be working on it as I travel this week, and I intend to post the interlude in advance of the finished piece.
  • I’ve added two patron-only posts (possible prologue and epilogue for Rale) to the Patreon. Check it out if you are so inclined.

Content Preview: 5/17/19

Unfortunately, I was hoping to have a little more content for you this week, specifically two game reviews. While this is not a failure in the amount of writing I’ve been doing (I’ve been gearing up for the next chapter of the Sevenfold Gyre), it is a failure to finish those games in a timely manner, and there’s something a little unsavory about writing a full review for a game I haven’t finished.

I’ll be traveling over the weekend, so no updates then, but when I return, those reviews will be the first thing on the docket, followed by more Sevenfold Gyre (we’re finally nearing the end!). In the meantime, check out Rae’s settled concept for the roaches–it’s come a long way from its original iteration, and Leland and I are thrilled. Speaking of which, if you are interested in seeing more about our creative process, I posted a more in-depth look at the evolution of this design on the Patreon. Give it a look if you’re interested (and thanks in advance to those who do).

Shareholder Meeting

Another housekeeping post, as long term plans are becoming increasingly material.

I brought up in the very beginning that this blog is meant for investment of a sort. I’ve been writing and working on creative projects for some time, and having an outlet has been a motivator for me to do so faster and more regularly than I otherwise might. That said, working on these projects is not an end in itself. The War Torn/Rale project in particular is heading for publication at some point. In the long run, the ruleset for the game (not posted here) will be refined, prettied up, and marketed to the sorts of people who enjoy those sorts of products. This might be you, or it might not.

In the shorter run, the fiction and art is going toward a book, and as such, I will be providing less of it for free. This isn’t a big issue for the fiction. I post unedited work here–by the time it’s published, it may be similar, but it won’t be the same. The art is a different story. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been watermarking the (full) pieces that I’ve already posted. This is why.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you don’t really care about any of that, then very little. The art will be slightly uglier, but I intend to keep updating at roughly the same frequency, with roughly the same quality of material.

On the other hand if you do care about that, because you want to read the future book, the watermark is insufferable, or you just really like this blog, then take a look at our Patreon. Backers get the un-watermarked art and “free” copies of any material we publish. I’ll also probably be posting some extra writing on the feed there to keep it interesting for the people kind enough to contribute.

Spring Cleaning

Not a substantive post, but I’ve made a few organizational changes to the blog. Notably the Archives are much more up-to-date, and I’ve added a few links to our War Torn artists’ websites on the About page. I’ve also added an Ongoing Series page to help folks read through the Dark Souls and Sevenfold Gyre posts in order (since I’m not really posting them at a readable cadence).

Also, I’m once again approaching a week of travel, so there will be a gap in my posts next week that I’ll try to mitigate as best I can.


A brief update, as this blog is starting to gather droplets of attention. I will be travelling for the next week and a half, without access to a computer, and between that and the backlog of material I used to start this blog slowly dwindling, my frequency of posting will slow a bit. I have a few posts queued up for the time I’ll be gone, but don’t expect to see more than a few until I return.

Long term, the plan hasn’t changed. The Dark Souls series will continue, and I will continue posting short fiction as I write it. For those now following, thank you and welcome.


This is here partially for test reasons–everything else will likely get copied to the About page.

As you’ve hopefully discovered, this is a blog, made for investment of a metaphorical nature. The salt is also metaphorical, albeit less.

I intend to use this space to write about art. Some of that will be fiction, as a number of my projects continue to be in that space. Some will be more critical, but I will try to keep the subject matter confined to creative spaces. God knows I have as much to say about politics as anyone, but I’m much less interested in having the type of folks that seek out those discussions coming here. That said, even as I’m writing this, I have posts in progress in three separate categories. I will do my best to index them, but keep in mind that the initial feed here will likely be a bit jumbled. Also, see the About page(s) for background info on the projects themselves–unfortunately, I rarely write anything truly self-contained.

If you’re here, though, thank you for joining me, and please let me know what you think. Likewise, let me know if the ads are particularly annoying. I’m trying them out, but I can tone them down if they’re too much.