Autopsies and Roadmaps

The roads are made out of flesh or something.

Summer has been busy, which, in its way, has been a good thing.  Still, it’s been havoc on my writing schedule, and the relative absence of volume on this blog the past few months is some testament to that.  Rae and Leland have been similarly occupied, so our art pipeline has been more or less paused until later this month. For my own working cadence, I’m not sure when I’ll be fully back online, but I’m thinking that the beginning of September isn’t a bad guess.  For now, this post will be a little bit about everything, but we can start by going backwards.

Notes on the LaSein Account is now done, and, taken together, it makes a decent epistolic story.  For future readers’ convenience, I’ll probably post it in its entirety, along with a number of other organizational updates to the blog/Patreon, but for the writing process, it was definitely important at the time that it be in a serial format.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times, Part 5 of the Sevenfold Gyre has been extremely difficult to write, and not all of that has been due to my schedule. When I started that series, I was working to make it at least somewhat literary, but subsequent entries have diverged.  That they’ve each been written in different styles is kind of intentional (and definitely acceptable),but they have been trending toward less artistry, and I was hoping with the upcoming chapter to change that.  Between that and the introduction of characters that I’ve been avoiding talking about here up until now, the result was a lot of stress and not a lot of movement, and while I can say Part 5 is almost done now, I’ve needed to walk away and come back a number of times throughout the process.  LaSein was, in essence, an excuse to walk away.

I feel like the experiment was pretty successful.  The quality of writing wasn’t great; keeping myself sharp almost certainly means writing more than an intermittent page, but on first pass, I think it’s good enough to be editable.  It fleshes out a portion of the War Torn/Rale story that I’ve been wanting to get in writing for some time, and, topically, it sets up a good transition into Part 5. I’ll probably use it in the book.

At some point in the farther future, though, I’ll need to start thinking about transitions.  I had originally intended this blog to be a venue for all of my writing, and I had not intended for its fiction portion to be exclusively about the War Torn/Rale project.  Once I do have the necessary pieces for the manuscript of said book, I’ll likely be posting less on here throughout the editing phase. We’ll see what happens then, but I would expect just about everything else you’ve seen on here to continue in some fashion.  I’ll continue with the game reviews, though generally only when I find something in games worth commenting on, and there is at least one more Dark Souls essay on the map. Feel free to comment if you have opinions on what you’d like to see more of, otherwise, thank you to those continuing to follow me on this journey.  I hope you continue to enjoy.

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