Where Is All This Dust Coming From

In a way, publishing my work has been very exciting, if finicky and social media-y. I’m out there in the world, readable in a format that people will actually approach. By this, I don’t mean you. You’re better than people–you read my website. I am rather referring to the sort who react to my declaration that I have written a thing with a squint, a frown, and an apologetic “oh, it’s online? I don’t really read things on the internet…”

But that’s okay.

On the off chance you moonlight as one of these people, my book, Promises for a Worse Tomorrow, which, yes, I will be mentioning in every post I make for at least the next month, sorry, is going to be free on Amazon this weekend, 3/31 to 4/2. If you were interested but put off by the cost, think that all written material should be free (which I’m with you on, but I have bills to pay, so throw me a bone), or just feel like doing me a favor at minimal cost to you, go pick it up!

The link is here!

However, that does not mean that the delights featured here on mY wEbSiTe will be going away. Pre-editing chapters for Whom Emperors Have Served and Crossroads Book 2 will continue going up, the former hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, thanks for reading. I continue to appreciate all of you.

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